18000 year old 'Baby Dog' will know how new species of dogs evolved from wolves

Scientists named this very well-preserved baby dog ​​Dogor under the thick layer of snow in Siberia, which means 'friend' in the local language. At the same time, researchers are also trying to know whether it is the child of a dog or a wolf cub. Actually Dagor's body is very well preserved in snow. Her body fur, padded claws, lips, yellow teeth and nails are all well-to-do. Scientists are hopeful that Dogore's DNA testing will help detect the evolution when this predatory animal emerges from the wild among humans. Started living Dave Stanton, a research fellow at the Stockholm's Center for Palynogenetics, has been studying it for a long time.
Scenes of secrets will openDave Stanton tested Dogore's rib bone and said that it must have been around two months at the time of freezing in the snow. It was discovered by the locals of Yakutia last year. Found in such a good condition, it is the youngest preserved organism ever. It has caught the attention of scientists not only in Russia but around the world. Currently researchers in Sweden and England, along with Russian scientists, want to better understand the mysterious evolution by studying Dogor's body.
40,000 years ago, the dogs came into existence
Studies so far have shown that the time of Dogor's freezing in ice is the time when many wolf species were disappearing from Earth and were replaced by dogs. Exactly how and when they evolved from wolves has not been clear till date. According to recent research, about 20 thousand to 40 thousand years ago today, Schwans emerged as a new species evolved from wolves. Dogor can do the work of connecting this link.

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