3 billion birds disappeared in this country! The silence in the sky, will surprise you

new Delhi. Something happened to North America that surprised everyone. Actually, there is silence in the sky here. Over three billion birds have gone missing in the last 50 years. A report has revealed that more than three billion birds have disappeared since 1970. There is a danger of extinction of birds in this country. If this happens, it will prove to be devastating.
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According to a Cornell University study, there were about 10.2 billion birds in Canada and the United States about 50 years ago and now there are 7.2 billion birds. These have decreased by 29 percent. This can also be a sign of great danger. The study scientist, Kenneth Rosenberg, said, "People should pay attention to the birds around them because they are slowly disappearing." This will prove to be very dangerous for our environment. We will have to think about this from now on or it will be too late.
Let us tell you that a study in 2015 showed that cats kill 2.6 billion birds every year in Canada and the United States. At the same time 62.4 crore birds are killed by hitting windows and 2.4 crore birds are killed by hitting cars. If this continues for a few years, then it will not take long to come when those birds will not be heard in the whole sky and this is a dangerous thing for the whole world.

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