careful! Can a drug named 'ranitidine' cause cancer? These big warnings issued

New Delhi: Whenever we have any disease or any other kind of problem, we use many types of medicines in which we are cured. One of these problems is acidity, in which you need to be careful if you take a medicine called ranitidine. Let us tell you the reason behind this. Be careful
Usually many of you will use a medicine called 'ranitidine' to overcome the problem of acidity. But now you should be cautious because the Indian Drug Regulator has issued a warning about this. They have ordered its investigation as recent reports suggest that this drug can cause cancer. To investigate this matter, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization has sent the expert committee to investigate the details. This panel will examine all the different brands of ranitidine sold in the country.
Most international regulators, including the US Food and Drug Administration and EMA, have not banned the drug, but have been asked to be cautious on their behalf. It has also been said that in this case seek the advice of a doctor. A warning issued about the drug has also been sent to all state governments and state drug controllers. At the same time, companies that make this drug in India have been told to stop its production. In addition to rancidine acidity, blisters are also used in Jollinger-Ellison syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease. Also, this drug is easily available in the market, but now you need to be cautious about it.

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