Dead bodies found on Mars blow scientists' senses, new pictures revealed

new Delhi. No one can think of Mars having life on the barren earth. But dead bodies found there have made scientists think. Actually a rover was sent by researchers to research Mars. In the photographs taken from it, dead bodies of some insects and creeping creatures have been found.
These 64 million diamonds were being hidden in the stomach, X-rays revealed. These dead bodies found on the planet Polmangal have increased the possibility of life there. Dr. William Romoser, an American University of Ohio entomologist and associated with the US Space Agency NASA, said that there are many dead moths of insect moths lying on Mars. Cockroaches to bees are present in them. According to Dr. William Romoser, new photographs show that like Mars, creeping creatures like flies and snakes are present on Mars. These photos were taken from Curiosity Rover. Dr. William Romoser says that the meeting of these organisms will play an important role in future important research. Even before this, many-footed figures have been found on Mars. They were discovered from the rovers sent to Mars.
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