Fake faces are tempting people with dating app websites, creating faces using artificial intelligence

If you are also looking for a partner for yourself on dating apps, then this news is for you only. Before getting mesmerized on those beautiful faces on the app's website, check whether that face is in this world or not? Yes, now artificial intelligence startup companies are selling pictures of computer-generated faces, which appear to be real faces. In fact, dating app companies are trying to increase diversity through these 'imaginary models' in their advertisements without having to register themselves on the model or app at a low cost. An American AI firm is offering similar facilities where it is offering to sell 'fake pictures' for marketing brocher. It has also got customers, including many well-known dating and matrimonial websites. This firm uses these pictures through a chatbots. Another such company says that it is creating a new generation virtual model by making headshots of AI and different facial parts.Readily available softwareThe software used to create such faces is easily available in playstore and online and its technology is also improving rapidly. This is why AI startups that have recently landed are also able to easily create fake faces. These software train a vast database of real faces to create new faces and all the necessary features through artificial intelligence.Business models have become waysBut the biggest concern of AI experts is that such fake faces will give rise to a new generation of scammers, bots, and spies who can cause great harm by using these photos. The fact is that such software has now become a business model. An example of this is that they are also capable of creating hatred, war situations and global tension by using deep fake videos and other deceptive techniques on the internet. Also, it is masking online content as a betrayal. The biggest problem is that there is no accurate scale to identify these photos.What are you able to do
Such sites allow anyone to filter and create by age (from infant to elderly, ethnicity, white-black, any geographic feature and emotion). Even human face can create special feelings such as surprise, sex, eye color and hair length. One reason is the demand from advertising companies for more diverse faces from such sites. Valerie Emanuel, co-founder of Los Angeles-based talent agency Role Models, says that these types of fake photos can turn the medium into a monoculture, where most faces look alike. – 1 million photos are selected from websites. Through – 10 thousand photos can be taken in a month. Client – More than 2000 clients are registered on the company's website at a fee of $ 100 a month. (TagsToTranslate) artific ial intelligence (t) chatbot (t) dating apps (t) news websites (t) Science and Tech News (t) Science and Tech News in Hindi (t) Science and Tech News (t) Science and Tech Samachar (t) Science And tech news

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