Gold is very special, researchers reveal secrets

new Delhi. If you think that gold is used only to make jewelry, then let us tell you that the importance of gold is not limited to just this. Gold is also useful in treating many diseases. In addition to prostate cancer, HIV and malaria testing, gold is used to cure rheumatoid arthritis. It contains radioactive isotopes with the help of which certain types of cancers are also corrected.
Scientists found easy way to live life on Mars, but how did gold come?
It is believed that 4 billion years ago a meteorite collided with some precious metals on Earth. According to Bristol University researchers, due to the meteorite colliding in this way, those things remained on the earth. Over time, these precious metals reached the inner surface of the earth due to rain water.
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How pure is gold
The special thing about gold is that it is such a pure metal that it does not go poisonous inside the body. This metal is rust free, due to which it does not have any bad effect on the body. It is important to note that even though eating gold, the body does not get any nutrition. According to a report by UNEP in 2009, there is at least 340 grams of gold per ton of electronic waste such as mobile phones.
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