If you change the shift frequently in the office, you will soon become old, scientists gave tips to avoid

new Delhi. Stress caused by office not only causes mental disorder, but also has a bad effect on age. A recent research has revealed that due to frequent shifts in office, a person can get old before age.
According to University of Michigan researchers, frequent shifts in the office have an impact on the person's routine. They are unable to complete their sleep properly. This reduces their physical ability and reaches the threshold of premature aging.
The researcher found in his study that people who are under stress regarding work become old six times faster than others. To prove this, he researched 250 young doctors. A sample of their saliva was collected to ascertain the length of telomeres. Telomeres are found in cells.
What is telomerase enzyme?
Telomeres are an essential part of human cells that affect the lifespan of our cells. Scientists say that the longer the telomerase is, the older it is, but stress, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, and poor diet reduce the length of telomerase. Due to which the person becomes a victim of premature aging.
The findings of the research also revealed that stress does not only appear on elders but also on children and youth. Because of which they start looking old before time. Symptoms start showing white hair, digestive system and weak eyesight. Has its symptoms. Furthermore, as the stress increases, the length of the telomeres chromosome begins to shorten. Due to which diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases as well as symptoms of premature aging begin to appear.
Scientists have given tips to avoid this disease-Improve your daily work-schedule.-Avoid working continuously for hours. -Change in eating. -It is very important to get six to eight hours of sleep.
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