If your child is not suffering from any infection, then he may get cancer, read this research

new Delhi. Parents go to any lengths to protect their children from germs and disease. But according to a study, children who do not come in contact with insects in childhood, later become prone to cancer called leukemia.
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According to the study, when the child is exposed to the infection in its first year, then its disease immune system becomes stronger. The study, published in the journal Nature Review Cancer, found that a disease called acute lymphoblastic leukemia is the most common form of childhood cancer. There are two types of process.

Under the first procedure, the risk of leukemia in a child before birth is due to genetic mutation. At the same time, under the second procedure, the disease occurs after the birth of some infections after childbirth. If the child is exposed to an infection in the early days of birth today, then this risk is further reduced.
Speaking in simple language, according to the researchers, children who live in a very clean, disinfected state during their first years and have little interaction with other children. They are at risk of lymphoblastic leukemia. This disease occurs in them in the form of blood cancer. These children are aged 0 to 4 years.
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Let us know that this disease develops quickly in a few days or weeks. It is formed in the blood of the body and spreads to other parts. Which includes lymph nodes, liver and nervous system. According to the study of Professor Mel Greaves, one obvious biological cause of this cancer is infection in children. According to the study, in children whose immune system is not developed properly, this disease occurs early.

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