Jugaad technique: farmer used scooter's engine for plowing field

new Delhi. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. This proverb has been demonstrated once again by a farmer from Hazaribagh's Taitizharia, who, in the absence of oxen, made a farm plowing machine using the engine of a scooter. Today, this farmer is not only being discussed in the entire area, but he is also getting orders to make this machine.
Mahesh Karmali, 33, a farmer of Uchghana village, about 40 km from the district headquarters of Hazaribagh, used the 'jugaad technique' running in the village house to find a solution for plowing the field using the engine of a scooter, rather than using it Are plowing Mahesh Karmali told IANS that he named his innovation as 'portable power tiller'.
He told, "I worked in a workshop of Bajaj Auto in Maharashtra for about seven years, but due to lack of matriculation, the job did not become permanent and came back home. After coming here, there was no employment other than farming. was not." He said that his financial condition is such that neither he could buy bulls nor tractors.
Meanwhile, he started thinking of making a small tractor. He told that he bought a scrap of old Bajaj Chetak scooter from his friend's garage for about 4500 rupees and after trying various methods gave it the shape of a small tractor which has a small tractor plow. He said, "The knowledge I gained working as a mechanic at Bajaj helped a lot in developing this power tiller. It took me three days to make it." Explaining the use of this innovation He said that it cost about 9000 rupees to build this power tiller, which plots five katthas of land i.e. five hours for only 2.5 liters of petrol. This machine of Ramesh has become an inspiration for the whole village. He stressed, "It is cheaper and more efficient than a conventional tractor."
Asked about the idea of ​​making it, Mahesh says, "For this, first made 20 inch by 41 inch chassis. Now to meet the need of engine and handle, put the engine of the scooter. Gear box, handle and both wheels Fired out and fitted to that chassis. The power tiller came out right. " Mahesh however plans to bring in a more large and powerful version of the power tiller by next year.
He said, "I am thinking of making such a vehicle at a low cost, on which anyone can ride like a tractor and plow it in the field. Also, it can be used to harvest crops and extract grains ( ) Will be done. " Mahesh has also planned to train farmers to make this machine. He said that many people are demanding to see and make this machine. People of his family are also happy with this effort of Mahesh.
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