Learn how the pain can be reduced or increased with the brain.

new Delhi. Human body is just like a machine. Each organ has its own special meaning and purpose. Have you ever thought that even a small injury causes pain, but why does it happen? And can it be reduced with the help of the brain? Science has the answer. Scientists found out by studying that a nerve in the brain is responsible for lessening the pain arising in the body. This nerve functions just like a heat control system.
This is how the brain works on injury
Based on his study, scientist Yarimar Caracillo of the US National Center of Complimentary and Integrative Health reported that the amygdala is found inside the cerebrum present in the brain, which works to increase pain. Like almost every study, this study was done on mice only. It has been seen in research that it is not entirely the amygdala that works to reduce pain. Even if it is removed completely, there is a defensive rate in the body. If you have noticed, then when we get hurt and we start taking stress then the pain gets worse. At the same time, if we focus our attention elsewhere on the injury, then the feeling of pain is reduced.
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Why is pain important?
As we told you that all the organs in the body have their own importance, similarly it is important for humans to feel pain. On realizing the pain, we ask for help and timely treatment saves lives. People who do not take injuries and wounds seriously, they die prematurely.
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