NASA discovers another chance of life found on 'Solar Earth'

NASA has discovered a solar system in which a planet is exactly like the Earth. It has been named 'Super Earth'. Scientists believe that it can have its own atmosphere. Scientists have also hoped for life on this super Earth.
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There are three planets of this solar system
According to a report – there are three planets in this solar system. Life is expected on one of them. The conditions of this planet are similar to those of the Earth. Scientists have hoped that it is likely to have its own atmosphere. Its distance from its sun is as much as that of Mars in our solar system. This discovery was made by NASA through one of its satellite transiting exoplanet survey satellite (TESS).
Also discovered a dwarf planet
According to scientists – the distance of this 'Super Earth' from Earth is 31 light years. All the conditions of life are present on it. According to the head of the team of scientists, Rafael Luque – the name of this planet is GJ357D. The report also claimed to have found a dwarf planet. Its size is one third of the Sun. It is 40 percent colder than the Sun.
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Atmosphere at Super Earth
Please tell, NASA started this mission this year. Its purpose is to discover new planets outside its solar system. According to Lisa Kaltenager, a member of the United States' Professor of Cornell University and a team of scientists – almost all the conditions of life exist on this planet. Its rock structure also resembles that of the earth. Scientists believe that it is also estimated to have an atmosphere around it.
Twice the size of the earth
According to scientists – due to its atmosphere, its temperature is likely to be higher than Mars. The special thing is that the water here can be in a liquid state. The 'Super Earth' GJ357D can be equal to or twice the size of Earth. The report about the planet has been published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.

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