Now claims will be made in rocket research to fly with the fuel of cow urine and cow dung soon.

New Delhi: Everyone knows about the specialty of cow dung, that the mixture of cow dung makes the most hydrogen gas, you will be surprised to know that if the proper amount of dung mixture is made, then the gas released will burn the bulb along with the rocket. Can also be used as a fuel. Scientific research has also proved that high quality hydrogen gas can be obtained from a mixture of cow dung which can also be used as fuel in a rocket propeller by making necessary modifications. Serious research is going on at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Adityapur (Jharkhand). Dulari Hembram, an assistant professor of NIT in Adityapur near Jamshedpur, has also been studying it for many years. The results of the early research have claimed that the production of hydrogen gas used as fuel is per se The unit is costing seven rupees. If the government encourages this, mass production can take place, this problem can be overcome by increasing consumption for electricity in the country. Not only this, it can also be developed as a cheap alternative to the fuel used in rockets, today it is needed that if the government pays attention to this project, then it can become a big energy option. The energy (methane) from cow dung and cow urine is being used for driving four-wheelers, electricity, but the hydrogen gas derived from it can be developed as a high quality fuel. It can be used as fuel in the rocket propeller it. The project is undergoing research on the production of hydrogen gas from cow urine and cow dung at Maharishi Vagbhatta Gaushala and Panchgavya Vigyan Kendra located in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu, if our government pays attention to this, it can prove to be very effective as alternative energy. is. There is no shortage of cow, cow dung and cow urine in the country. This may prove to be a major achievement as the cheapest and suitable fuel for cryogenic rocket engines.
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