OMG! Pigeon's brain is faster than humans, this research is telling how

New Delhi: In our country, the practice of raising pigeons has been practiced since a long time. Seeing the capacity of his mind, people used to send their messages from one place to another through these times. At the same time, a research has proved this fact, in which it has been found that even ordinary looking pigeons are as intelligent as humans. Not only this, like humans, these birds can understand the essential principles of science very well. A research done at Iowa University of America has found that pigeons have such a sharp brain that they are 'Space' and Can understand the basic concept of a science like 'Time'. However, it has also been revealed in this research that to understand these things, a different part of their brain works which is not like human mind. Research conducted has found that birds, reptiles, fish are animals that have more thinking ability than others. The research results show that now the knowledge capacity in the brain of birds has increased so much that it has come closer to the human mind. 'The outer part of the human brain would do the most important things like thinking, thinking and speaking. is. But pigeons activate the brain and part to do all these things. A common test of pigeons was taken to assess the mental capacity of pigeons. In this he was shown a long line of 6 or 24 centimeters on the computer screen, for 2 to 8 seconds. After this test it was revealed that a different system works in the brain of these birds which helps them to understand the common but important science principles.
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