Scientists are surprised to see such a thing that is 40 thousand years old, glowing

New Delhi: Science has made great progress in today's era. After making many such discoveries in every field, he told that his years of hard work are behind this. In this series, scientists have made a wonderful discovery in Siberia, which itself has surprised the scientist. Let us tell you what such thing has been found. Scientists have found an ancient time bracelet in Denisova cave in Siberia, which is said to be 40 thousand years old. According to scientists, it is the oldest of the jewels discovered so far, which he is surprised to see himself. The bones of animals that were extinct 1 lakh 25 thousand years ago were also found from this cave. This cave is named after the Denisovans, who are known to be a mysterious species of human. It was genetically distinct from both Homo sapiens and Neanderthal species. Examination of this bracelet revealed that it was made of stone called chlorite and was very fragile. According to scientists, such kangals were probably worn for a particular person and on special occasions. So they were made. Everyone is surprised to see its brightness. As soon as the rays of sharp swells fall on this bracelet, it starts to shine. Also, in the light of fire in the night, it spreads green light. Recently, scientists found the finger bone and teeth of a Denisovan woman. This suggests that there was no morphological similarity between them and Neanderthals or modern humans.

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