Scientists create steam-powered space to save fuel

This microwave-shaped aircraft will be able to search for planets in distant space by converting the water present in the planets and asteroids on which they land. In this way, it will continuously advance itself on an indefinite number of exploration missions from one to the other to the Ganges. The principal scientist of UCF and the father of this vehicle, Phil Mejger, says that by using the technology of this vehicle, we can potentially use the moon. , Ceres, Europa, Titan, Pluto, Mercury can use this technique for exploratory expeditions on planetary polarities and asteroids. The vehicle can collect fuel from any planet or asteroids where there is sufficiently low pressure of water and gravity. Metager said that this is a self-sufficient spacecraft that can continue to search continuously in distant universe.
Metzger and his colleagues named the vehicle Vine (World Is Not Enough). The first prototype of this vehicle has completed its practical test mission on an asteroid-like surface in California. It dug the surface using a compact drilling device in its surface to extract water from the surface of this simulated comet and turned this water into rocket fuel. Launched itself into the air using a set of steam-powered thrusters.
The technology of this vehicle is not as simple as it sounds, in fact it is not so. It took Metzger three years to make the prototype of the vehicle worth testing. He made new computer programs and new calculations for this so that it could withstand gravity. The solar panels installed in it are designed to power it in emergency situations.
Successful testing of the prototype of this vehicle has brought it closer to reality. But it still has a long time to test it in the complex environment of space. NASA has shown interest in understanding the importance of this project. It has also offered to pay for the project. . (tagsToTranslate) rocket engine test (t) science (t) space technology (t) steam engine (t) technology (t) science and tech news (t) science and tech news in Hindi (t) science and tech news (t ) Science and Tech Samachar (t) Science and Tech News

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