Scientists find an easy way to live life on Mars

new Delhi. Human race is trying every possible possibility of life on other planets. Scientists are constantly doing research in the wish of life on the red planet (Mars) in this sequence. There is a possibility that if oxygen and food are arranged on Mars, then it may be easier to live life there. Scientists at the University of Florida have recently conducted a research.
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Significantly, there has been evidence of solar energy, ice and carbon dioxide on Mars. If this is true then it will be easy to make oxygen from these things there. As for food, scientists at the University of Florida have argued that insects can prove to be good sources for living in Mars.
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According to scientists, six-legged insects that flourish in flour can be used as food. These scientists have done this research keeping in mind the documents of SpaceX's Elon Musk. According to these documents, such a human settlement can be established in which 1 million people can live. Only Elon Musk's company is in the race to build a human settlement on Mars. There are many companies that are investing in it and want to develop human civilization on Mars in the coming time. The rays of the sun do not fall on Mars properly, due to which it will be a little difficult to grow vegetables here. In this way, the researchers found out that meat and dairy spices can be served on Mars by making them in the lab.
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