Scientists have developed the smallest stent, will help in heart related diseases

new Delhi. Scientists have shown a new feat. Many scientists have developed the smallest stent (scientists develop stent) together. This stent is 40 times smaller than the existing stent. Due to this, the complaint of contraction in the heart and fetal ureter will be removed.
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According to researchers at the Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland, the stent will be used for closed arteries of the heart. Apart from this, this stent also helps to overcome the complaint of contraction of the fetal urinary tract.
Please tell that the urinary tubes of the fetus are much narrower than the heart arteries. One in a thousand children complain of urethral contraction. Many times it has been found that urinary tract shrinkage is also found in the fetus.
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In this case, the affected area is cut apart and restocked to prevent the urine from reaching dangerous levels in the bladder. According to researchers, stents can be placed to remove any shrinkage in the artery or tube of the fetus. This causes less damage to the kidneys.
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