So this is how new planets and their satellites are named

How is it decided what will be the names of new planets, asteroids, meteorites and stars and galaxies discovered by astronomers in space? Have you ever wondered why the various planets and stars discovered so far in space were named after the same name as we know them today? Is there an intricately complex process of naming them like space science? The International Astronomical Union (IAU) since 1919 has played an official role in naming newly discovered celestial bodies in addition to planets and satellites in the solar system. The IAU's amazing, bizarre and interesting naming process introduces new planets to us in the name of new members of the solar family currently being discovered due to powerful space telescopes and new robotics special missions. Astronomers also closely follow the Union's guidelines. The naming is done according to the stated guidelines of the association.
Naming process is differentFor example, if a lunar astronomer has discovered a new peak on the moon, it will be named after a geologist. If a new topography is discovered on the planet Titan of Saturn, it will be named on the basis of fantasy or science fiction. Similarly, if a new moon is discovered on the planet Brahaspati, its name should be based on the fire, volcano, or 14th century Italian litterateur-poet Dante's poem Inferno.
Names invited for the moons of BrahaspatiRecently, the Washington-based Carnegie Institution for Science announced that it freely invites names from youngsters, scientists and astronomers to name several of Jupiter's moons discovered last year. But the name should be according to IAU instructions and rules. Carnegie astronomer Scott Shepherd reported that contestants could potentially be tweeting the hashtag namesmugitorsmoon on the handle @JupiterLunacy.
IAU Protocol for NomenclatureThe name of newly discovered moons of Brahaspati must come from one of the characters mentioned in Greek or Roman mythology. Also the name must be 16 characters or less. Apart from this, it has not been used for any political, military or religious activities in offending, business and past 100 years. Also, the name should not be similar to the name of a living person and any moon or asteroid present in it. The most important thing is that if the moon is moving in the rotation direction of its respective planet then its name should end on A and if it rotates in the opposite direction of the planet then in this case the name should end on E.
So that there is no confusionAstronomer Scott Shepherd says that the number of mythological characters that meet the criteria of the International Astronomical Union is limited. According to him the names ending in E word are out of fashion at present. Astronomer Gareth Williams of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics says that these strict rules are designed to avoid any confusion during intensive study of the universe. The study of the solar system was fraught with confusion and disturbances until the Sangh came into being in the early 20th century. Often, international controversy and political tussle over the naming of new planets and stars also begin.
New rules made in 2015After NASA's New Horizons probe embarked on a space mission four years ago, NASA and the IAU formulated a naming scheme that focused on deep space depths and voyages of discovery. He agreed that the mountains found on any planet would be named after historical explorers. At the same time, the black spots and grounds found on its moon will be named after space missions. Because of this, the 20 thousand feet high snow mountain found on Pluto is named after the Nepalese climber Tenzing Norgay. Similarly, the black spots found on its moon are named after 'Mordor', a character in the Hollywood film Lord of the Rings. Once the name is selected it cannot be changed.
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