Still be careful! The weather will change, something like this will happen on Earth…

new Delhi. Our life will be disturbed by the constant change in the climate. In the coming times, it will not only affect our environment, but it will also have a very bad effect on the minds of humans. There will be a volcanic eruption, there will be continuous lightning in the sky that desert sand will also blow.
1- According to scientists, if the temperature of stormy clouds keeps increasing, the loudness of the lightning will also increase in the sky. Due to which wild fire incidents will be more.
2- It will also have an impact on the flight of aircraft. Aircraft may face more turbulence due to climate change.
3. Large glaciers will break due to climate change which may affect sea traffic.
4- It cannot be denied that our mood is also dependent on the mood of the season. As the temperature around us increases, so will the anger of humans. By which humans will come down on violence.
5- With the increase in the temperature of the Earth, there will be volcanoes.
6- Increased temperature will increase the water level, after which the darkness in the oceans will also increase.
7- Many changes will be seen in the human body. Along with getting angry, the complaint of allergies in humans will also increase.
8- Due to increasing temperature of the climate, mammal organisms will have a significant impact. According to scientists, about 50 million years ago, when the Earth's temperature had increased, the size of mammals had decreased. Scientists fear that something similar may happen in the coming times.
9. Changes in the behavior of ants can also be observed due to climate change.
10- Let the bacteria help in stopping the sand in the desert. They form a strong layer of biocrust to prevent soil erosion. But further increase in temperature will increase the coil erosion.
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