'The Great Hack' revealed, many social media platforms now armed

new Delhi. The digital traces of our lives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat are being used every year in the industry by a trillion dollars (trillion) and there is no way out of it. We are now a commodity for tech giants, who are constantly watching them. He is giving our data to the third party. These third parties are using this data in preparing great details for individual level targeting, misleading voters and benefiting advertisers even more.
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A new Netflix documentary, 'The Great Hack', has revealed how UK-based political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica has legally axed the data of 8.7 billion Facebook users and the 2016 US President. Helped bring Donald Trump to power in the elections of. The documentary exposes the great dangers of our lives. Social media platforms designed to connect people to each other are being used wildly by the evil people of the nation-state to influence free and fair elections around the world.
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Their goal is to find people who do not know who to vote for. As soon as they get information about such people, these firms put up advertisements to influence people like the US elections and Brexit campaign. Many of us are not aware that our data is out there and it can be used against us in many different ways, which we are not even aware of.
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