The mystery of the cave named 'Krem Puri' surprises everyone, many scary creatures live inside.

New Delhi: There are many places in the world where the mystery makes people wonder and make them think. Many such mysteries are also hidden in India, some of which have not been detected till date. It contains many caves, many places, many kills etc. We are going to tell you about one such secret cave of Meghalaya. The name of this cave is Krem Puri, which was discovered in 2016 by a team of 30 scientists. This cave is also called the world's longest sandstone cave.
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There are random entrances to go inside this cave, but they are nothing less than a maze. Once someone enters this cave, it will be difficult to get out. The length of this cave is 24.5 kilometers and is spread over 13 square kilometers in the plains of Maasinram. According to other media reports, inside this cave there is a tricky cycle of hundreds of interconnected long corridors. Its shape is completely different, which makes it truly a maze. The fauna, frogs, fish, giant hunter spiders and bats are also present here.
The temperature of the cave has no effect on the outside temperature. In such a situation, the temperature of this cave is always between 16 and 17 degrees. Due to small cracks and two entrances inside the cave, air keeps coming in, due to which there is no lack of oxygen here. The team of scientists who discovered this cave included hydrologists, archaeologists, geologists and biologists. The team also got shark teeth and some bones of marine dinosaurs from here. It is said that they were found in the sea about 60 million years ago.
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