The world will see the unique form of gold for the first time, scientists named '2D Gold'

new Delhi. Recently, researchers have received such success which cannot be thought of. Some researchers at Britain's University of Leeds have produced a gold much thinner than normal gold, which is about 1 million times thinner than a human nail. This special gold is made up of two atoms with a thickness of 0.47 nanometers. The question arises that what was the need for scientists to give gold such a shape. Explain that this special gold has been made for the treatment of cancer. Also it can be used in electronics industries.
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Significantly, gold is currently being used in aerospace, engineering and electronics equipment. This is because gold is counted among the less rigid metals. Now that its 2D form has been created, it can be used in many fields. Such as electronic ink, transparent operation display and folding screen etc. There are going to be many benefits after its creation, of which it is also that a small amount of it will increase the prices of machines, which manufacturers are likely to benefit directly.
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