These unique sanitary pads made from fibers of banana, 2 years used to wash will help women

new Delhi. The daily use of sanitary pads. It is a time could be used, which can cause considerable damage to the environmentally conscious. But now will not harm the environment and sanitary pads. Two students of IIT Delhi has developed new technology to make sanitary pads fiber banana.
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This technique is a pad through can be washed use 122 times. More importantly, they do not Ktri of Infekson any kind of use it repeatedly.
He made these sanitary pads

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Archit Aggarwal and Harry Sehrawat, fourth year students of BTech, IIT Delhi, have invented this sanitary pad. Both have helped many professors for it, then he has succeeded in making sanitary pads them special way. Tell that these students have made under the startup of the sanitary pad. He has created a startup company called Sanfe.
How prepared
Archit and Harry explained that polyester piling, banana fiber and cotton polyurethane laminate have been used to make this four-layer sanitary pad.
He said that we stalk of bananas thrown like that. But they found fiber they contain things. This same fiber pad is made. Fiber is dried by removing the machine.
After over fiber has been used in polyester piling. Polyester piling is a type of fabric, which takes away soak wetting.
At the same time, cotton polyurethane laminate has been used to prevent leakage, which is used as a chemical in the hospital. It covers sanitary pads. You can tell that used plastics and synthetic Other pads that harm the environment.
So will these pads
Archit said it will also be available in markets other than sanitary pads Online Market. There will be two pads in a packet, which will be Rs 199. The 100 will be a pad for Rs. Use the pads women can wash twice with cold water. This pad can be used for two years.

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