This is how humans taught to walk, scientists told a startling story

new Delhi. There have been many stories about how the origin of human beings has come out, but its exact information is still a big puzzle. Apart from this, many claims have also been made about the matter of how humans walk to learn. Recently, scientists have made a big disclosure about the art of walking on both legs of a human.
Scientists said that humans had almost all the properties in a cup named Danuvius Guggenmossi. In the research it is revealed that Danuvius could stand upright and walk on two legs. Also, it used its two hands and both legs very well while jumping on trees. It is by far the oldest of the standing upright cups.
Scientists have claimed that the art of walking on two legs was done in the common ancestor of humans and monkeys. Till now it has been believed that 60 million years ago a creature like Poochimpanji started walking on two legs. After this, humans learned to bend before standing upright. But Danuvius can change this story completely. At present, searches are still going on. Soon many interesting things can be learned in the story of humans walking on two legs.
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