To protect women from molestation, young man made 'smart bangle', features are best

new Delhi. A person from Telangana Hyderabad has made bangles keeping in mind the safety of women. A young man named Gadi Harish, 23, along with his friend Sai Teja has invented smart bangles for women that will protect them. In these bangles, both friends have introduced a Live Location Sharing feature which is nothing less than a boon for the safety of women.
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Along with this special device in bangles, such a thing has been fitted which will also give electric shock. Also, after detecting trouble, this device will automatically send messages to relatives and police.
Now human organs will develop from animals, according to the controversial research in Japan, all features of the Self Security Bangle (Smart Bengals) will be activated when the woman moves her hand at a particular angle. Harish told that- "If a woman tries to catch a woman during the activation of a self-security device, the outer layer of the bangle will also shock her." Explain that Harish is requesting the government to take this project forward Increase and protect women. Significantly, this is not the first time such a device has come in the market for the safety of women. Earlier, such lockets also came with emergency features like live location sharing.
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