Twitter affects our mind, statistics also prove

Social media are one of the major factors affecting the social life of people. This can be gauged from the fact that stringent laws are being enforced on large tech companies of Silicon Valley in various countries. India is also actively involved in this. Last year, due to mob litching and rumors spread, the Central Government had warned Facebook, which owns the WhatsApp app, to make technical changes. Something similar happened with Twitter. Twitter has 2.32 million active monthly users in India. At the same time, it has more than 33 crore monthly active users worldwide. A recent report says that Twitter is affecting our ability to think and understand. New evidence has shown that Twitter is fundamentally weakening its users' brainpower. Researchers from Italy recently researched a team of researchers from Italy's Catholic University, stating that Twitter generally : Our addiction, liking and retweeting to follow the hashtag used would harm our brain cells Land. It is also a matter of thinking for researchers as well as neuroscientists. Researchers said that Twitter not only affects our intellectual ability to think but also reduces it to a great extent. The lead author of the research, Jian Paolo Barbetta, said that it is changing our behavioral habits rapidly. Xian's research was to explore the impact Twitter has on student achievement, learning ability, and learning from other areas of life. For this, he did this research on 1500 students from 70 high schools. Half of the students involved in Ghatashodha performing 40 percent of students took to Twitter to analyze the 1904 novel 'The Late Mattia Pascal' by Italian Nobel Laureate Luigi Pirandello. Used. This novel satirizes the issues of self-knowledge and self-destruction. He posted his classmates' tweets and thoughts on Twitter on the subject. Teachers tested this discussion online. At the same time, the remaining 4 half of the students involved in the research used traditional teaching methods. The performances of the students of both groups were judged based on their understanding of the novel and memorizing its main points. Examination results for those seeking information about the novel using Twitter fell by 25 to 40 percent compared to students in the group using traditional learning methods. Jeff Hancock, the founding director of the Stanford Social Media Lab, says this is a shocking result. This decline was more among those who were originally from Italy, including women, who usually scored well in exams and who were better than other students in terms of achievements. Researchers considered that microblogging and social networking sites such as Twitter adversely affect personal performance. Jian says that more studies need to be done to arrive at a clear conclusion right now to find out to what extent Twitter impacts our learning process. The importance of this research increases because recently hundreds of high school students in Italy have joined 'Twilateratura' to discuss literature on Twitter.Users find shortcutsAccording to the study, people run for shortcuts instead of finding solutions to problems in a process. There are two major factors in the decline in performance of students using a social networking site to study the novel on Twitter. The first was that students had the misconception that they absorbed the book by broadcasting tweets about their content on Twitter. The second was that the time spent on social media only changed the time spent considering the book. The research revealed that children are unable to concentrate in studies online or on social media (screen-based) and often divert their attention. Researchers say that how to protect youth from this social media scandal, often seen as a tool to connect people and spread knowledge, is a big question. Lugi Pirandello, the great Nobel Laureate of Italy, wrote in one of his books in 1934, 'Someone who is living my life, but I don't know anything about it.' This is the precise conclusion about social media in today's context. (tagsToTranslate) says study (t) social media (t) the Twitter user (t) Twitter (t) research works (t) Science and Tech News (t) Science and Tech News in Hindi (t) Science and Tech News ( t) Science and Tech Samachar (t) Science and Tech News

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