What is the taste of cyanide? While dying, this student had made this big disclosure

new Delhi. Many novels mention that when a terrorist is caught, he embraces death by eating cyanide to avoid making any statement. There are many legends that a person dies by eating cyanide. There are many stories related to this. Some people say that cyanide is so dangerous that the tester tries to write something about its taste until it dies. But this is not true.
Sona is very special, according to the Sunday Morning Herald, an Australian news website, researchers said, in 2006, an Indian man ate cyanide for suicide. He revealed before he died that he had tested potassium cyanide. Describing the taste of cyanide, he wrote that 'it burns the tongue and has a bitter taste'.
careful! Can a drug named 'ranitidine' cause cancer? These major warnings have been issued, according to the information, cyanide is also found in small amounts in apple seeds. It is important to understand that cyanide is a carbon-nitrogen bond. You may have accidentally eaten its seed while eating an apple sometime. The taste of apple seeds is bitter. Cyanide also has a similar taste. Significantly, eating apple seeds does not result in death. But if consumed in full quantity, then there is a possibility of death. The taste of cyanide is bitter or metallic. Cyanide is found in small amounts in apples as well as almonds.
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